Parliamentarians for Evaluation Campaign: Week 15

Please watch the fifteenth video of the GPFE’s Parliamentarian for Evaluation campaign promoting the use and demand of evaluation work from the perspective of parliamentarians around the world. This video is from the Khulisa Management Services through USAID’s African Strategies for Health project, who has interviewed a group of five Parliamentarians from Africa so as to contribute to the GPFE’s campaign.

Today’s video wraps up the key points of the 4 videos released over the past months. Hon. Muntaka Mubarak (Ghana), Hon. Roger Nkodo Dang (Cameroun), Hon. Rachel Shebesh (Kenya), Santos Vinita Kalyan (South Africa) and Hon. Shitaye Minale (Ethiopia) stress the need for evidence-based decision making processes and answer the following four questions:

1) How does evaluation impact policy making?;

2) How can demand for and use of evaluation be strengthened for improved decision-making around national policies?;

3) As Africa adopts the SDGs, how can social and gender equity be incorporated into policy evaluation to ensure no one is left behind?

4) What are future priorities for evaluation work in Africa?

Let’s watch here what these five African Parliamentarians want to share with the global evaluation community.

In parallel to the release of this video, we specially invite Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs) and evaluation professionals to engage parliamentarians in the campaign. Please contact Jérôme Gandin, Campaign Manager for personalized invitations to parliamentarians and the campaign team for further support. For further information about the GPFE, please contact Ada Ocampo, or Asela Kalugampitiya

If you are interested to join hands with EvalPartners initiative to promote enabling environment for evaluation in line with the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020, please write to Asela Kalugampitiya at


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