Documents about the last 3 events

The GPFE is delighted to share with you three documents with detailed information about the last events that have taken place and have envolved parliamentarians from our initiative. These are:

  • 2 side events (one jointly with UNDP) during the High Level Political Forum 2016 on “No one left behind”.
  • The 5th EvalMENA General Assembly and evaluation conference held in Tunis (Tunisia) between May 10-14, 2016. The event was tweeted live.
  • A TA training was delivered in Burkina Faso took place from June  27 to June 28, 2016 at. Two stakeholder’s groups benefitted from the workshop:  The first group included the members of Burkina Faso monitoring and evaluation network, representatives of gender group in the ministries. 2- The second group was composed of parliamentarians and the officers of the Ministry of Women, National solidarity and Family and also members of Burkina Faso M & E network.

Hope you all enjoy the reading and join us for more!


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