Training workshop on Evaluating sustainable development goals within an equity-focused and gender responsive lens in Burkina Faso

The Burkina Faso Monitoring and Evaluation Network (RéBuSE) organized from July 27 to June 2, a training workshop on «Evaluating Sustainable Development goals within an equity-focused and gender responsive lens. The workshop took place in the conference room  of the International Institute for water and sanitation (2IE).

The workshop, co-led by Ms Soukeynatou from FALL UNICEF and Mr. Alexis Salvador Loye as a representative of EvalGender + aims to strengthen the capacity of stakeholders on how to design, conduct, manage and use equity-focused and gender responsive evaluations.

Approximately eighty (80) participants from different institutions have participated in the workshop which was held in two sessions. Participants came from ministries, civil society oragnization, national assembly and the Burkina Faso monitoring and evaluation.
According to the representative of Parlemantarians, honorable Alexandre Sankara, the workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about evaluation and to use evaluation for the decision making in the daily works of parlemantarians. They engaged to institutionalize evaluation in Burkina Faso and evaluation will be a key element for the assessment of government programs.

Many thanks to IOCE, EvalPartners, UN WOMEN, EvalGender+, UNICEF, 2IE for their support to implement the project in Burkina Faso.



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