Parliamentarians for Evaluation Campaign officially launched

Parliamentarians’ EvalStories to Promote Demand and Use of Evaluation

It is our great pleasure to announce the release of videos from parliamentarians under the “Parliamentarians for Evaluation” campaign. The Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation (GPFE) initiated the campaign inviting parliamentarians around the world to advocate for evaluation in the context of Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) ensuring “No one left behind” in line with the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020 (EvalAgenda 2020). Parliamentarians’ advocacy messages indeed represent an invaluable resource for increasing the quality of demand and use of evaluation work. The campaign aims to strengthen an enabling environment and to create an archive of shared knowledge for the global evaluation community. Furthermore, the campaign highlights the importance of equity focused and gender responsive evaluation.

With great success of holding the historical Global EvalYear Event at the Parliament of Nepal and launch of the Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation, parliamentarians’ role in promoting evaluation culture has become more prominent. Parliamentarians with support from VOPE leaders, government officials, UN agencies, international organizations, private sector and donors are becoming strong advocates for evaluation. The Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020 reveal the need for redoubled efforts on advocacy for evaluation.

Starting Monday, 23rd May, the GPFE will release one video per week presenting messages from parliamentarians to ensure that the voices of evaluation advocates are heard. The first video is from Hon. Dr. Susan Musyoka, Member of Parliament from Kenya. Let’s watch what Hon. Musyoka wants to share with the global evaluation community.

In parallel, we specially invite Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs) and evaluation professionals to engage parliamentarians in the campaign. Please contact Jérôme Gandin, Campaign Manager for personalized invitations to parliamentarians and the campaign team for further support. For further information about the GPFE, please contact Ada Ocampo, or Asela Kalugampitiya

If you are interested to join hands with EvalPartners initiative to promote enabling environment for evaluation in line with the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020, please write to Asela Kalugampitiya at

Kabir HashimLeader – GPFE

Minister – Sri Lanka

Ziad MoussaCo-chair – EvalPartners

President – IOCE

Colin KirkCo-chair – EvalPartners   Director–UNICEF Evaluation Office Marco SegoneChair – UNEG

Director– UN Women IEO



One thought on “Parliamentarians for Evaluation Campaign officially launched

  1. Evelyn Naome Mpagi Kaabule

    We still have a great deal of work to enlighten parliamentarians on the need to demand for evidence based evaluation for decision making and for ensuring that we achieve the SDGs.
    Parliaments especially in Africa are still lagging behind in appreciating the use of evaluation evidence in their roles of Legislation, oversight, appropriation and representation.
    Most of the evaluation results are disseminated to the executive yet they are the developers and implementors of the policies.

    African Parliaments, please come out and demand for evidence based evaluation and let’s use it for ensuring effective and efficient service delivery.


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