Launch of Webinar Series “Meet a Parliamentarian”


We are happy to inform you that, the Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation (GPFE) launches a series of webinars called “Meet a parliamentarian”. The purpose of the webinars is to promote engagement of policy makers in evaluation and promote policy makers and evaluation professionals working together in enabling environment for evaluation. Ten webinars will be conducted over the next twenty months. Each webinar is facilitated by a parliamentarian, an evaluation professional and a moderator.

Please see the below webinar series schedule:

Date Webinar Title Language
March 2016 Equity Focused and Gender Responsive Evaluation to leave no one behind English
May 2016 Evaluation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) English
July 2016 National Evaluation Policies English
September 2016 Engaging Young and Emerging Evaluators French
November 2016 National Evaluation Capacities English
February 2017 UN Resolution in Evaluation Arabic
April 2017 National Evaluation Systems English
June 2017 Sharing Mexico experience Spanish
August 2017 Results Based Management English
October 2017 UN Resolution in Evaluation English

Details including date, time, meeting link about individual webinars will be announced few weeks before the each webinar is held. For more information on webinars, please contact GPFE Webinar Managers, Katerina Stolyarenko, or Isha Miranda,

Looking forward to see your active participation in webinars!

Kabir Hashim

Leader – GPFE

Minister – Sri Lanka

Ziad Moussa

Co-chair – EvalPartners

President – IOCE

Colin Kirk

Co-chair – EvalPartners   Director–UNICEF Evaluation Office

Marco Segone

Chair – UNEG

Director– UN Women IEO


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